Meet the Artist

Zach Donn Tattooing at Sri Yantra Tattoo in Oakland, CA>
Since I was a kid, about the age of 12 or 13, I can remember really being into the art of tattooing; watching Miami Ink was what truly got me into it. I was raised in a small farm town called Galt, which is not too far outside of Sacramento, California. Tattooing wasn’t and still isn’t popular in my hometown; we still do not have any tattoo shops within city limits, let alone any art stores. Before high school started, I knew that I wanted to be an artist of some sort, so with that in mind, I took as many art related classes as I possibly could throughout those years; finding my love and passion for creating cartoons.

After graduating high school I moved around quite a bit but found myself in Long Beach, California where I studied illustration at Long Beach City College for about 2 years. Being there broadened my creative mindset and I started creating different types of art which led me to find Sacred Geometry. Entering the tattoo side of art, I never truly had an official apprenticeship. But being self taught allowed me to be blessed enough to have learned from a few artists that were willing to pass on any knowledge that they have learned over the years. Although my first tattoo was when I was 18, I have been consistently pursuing my passion for tattooing since the beginning of 2015, leading me to where I stand today.